I already have e-commerce page, why do I need this?

B. Halal mobile app coexists happily with your other sales channels. We are a Marketplace that matches Buyers to you.

Do you collect payment and do delivery?

No to both. Payment and delivery are to be self-arranged between the buyer and seller.

Do we take a cut or commission on every sales transaction?

No. As all the sales are done off the platform, we will not take any cut of your sales.

Why does B. Halal organise the online Bazaar?

We would like to support the community who are seriously affected by the cancellation of the Ramadan Bazaar in Singapore this year.

What happen after the Ramadan bazaar?

Your listing will still continue on B. Halal mobile app at no extra cost. You sales will still be coming in long after the event is over.

Can a non-Muslim be a member and a seller in B. Halal platform?

Yes. of course! So long as the product or service sold is Halal.