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Source: The Straits Times

Just like for many others, the Ramadan Bazaar in Geylang Serai holds a special place in the heart of celebrity Sheikh Haikel.

So the news that it had been cancelled this year was a big disappointment to the 44-year-old entertainer.

And, while it would be impossible to replicate the experience of the bazaar online, Sheikh, who manages several food ventures such as FatPapas Burgers and Shakes and Wakuwaku Yakiniku restaurants, told The Straits Times that having the interactive variety show from online commerce platform B. Halal would be the next best thing.

Saying that he grew up with the Geylang bazaar, he added: “It is and will always be a big part of my life. I know the bazaar is so important to so many people. Having just a static online site won’t do it justice.

“Through the B. Halal Bazaar Show, people can feel like they’re just at the bazaar, interacting with the merchants.”

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