B.Halal is governed by the following Terms and Conditions. The purpose is to set out rights and obligations and other necessary legal matters between a registered member on the platform, and B.H. Pte Ltd, the parent owner of B.Halal platform.

The following terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to:

  1. Gambling of any kind is not permitted in the platform.
  2. The sale of pork or any bi-product of a pig, either knowingly or unknowingly, is totally prohibited.
  3. No consumable alcohol is allowed.
  4. Stolen merchandise from a known or unknown sources is not allowed to be listed.
  5. Members are not allowed to list items not belonging to non-users. This is to prevent unnecessary dispute in the future.
  6. Listings cannot be repeated in the same category.
  7. The currency trade will be in Singapore Dollars (SGD). All conversions will be subject to the exchange rate of the transaction date.
  8. Please observe good ethical business culture. Profanity and cheating will not be tolerated.
  9. Sharing of personal bank details is strictly discouraged in the platform. B.H. Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any loss that may incur due to this negligence.
  10. When consumable items are listed:
    1. The item has to be Halal certified by any international recognized institution if it is listed by a Non-Muslim member. These certificates must be made readily available when requested.
    2. Muslim vendors are not required to produce Halal certification for their items, however please conduct full due diligence to ensure that only halal products are used in food preparation.
    3. All homebased entrepreneurs MUST have relevant Food & Hygiene Certificates when cooked/baked food are listed. Stalls/restaurants/cafes owners must have a current trading license when food is delivered out of their premises. These certificates must be made readily available when requested.

Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result to a possible legal action from B.H. Pte Ltd or/and faced a total ban from B. Halal Platform.